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Quebec Entrepreneur

Quebec Entrepreneur programme is for applicants who wish start or acquire a business in Quebec and settle with their family.

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Quebec Entrepreneur programme offers a pathway to permanent residency for business immigrants who wish to live in Quebec with their families. In order to be eligible under this programme an applicant must:

  • Have net assets of at least CA$300,000;

  • Have at least two years experience in running a business acquired during the five years preceding the application submission;

  • Present their application under one of the two following options:

               o Establishing a new business in Quebec, in which the applicant controls,  

                   alone or with their accompanying spouse or common-law partner, at least  

                  25% of the capital equity with a value of at least CA$100,000

               o Acquired in Québec, alone or with their accompanying spouse or common-

                  law partner, at least 25% of capital equity in a business with a value of at

                  least C$100,000


Attention - applicants who are interested in applying under this programme:


Fini Immigration Services offers partnership in opening of a new branch of a very successful restaurant/coffee shop business in Quebec. This limited time offer will only be available to a very limited number of applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.


To find out more about this rare opportunity and assess your eligibility, please contact us today.

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