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Quebec Skilled Workers

Each year, more than 60% of newcomers to Quebec are selected under the Quebec Skilled Workers programme!

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The Quebec and Canadian governments share jurisdiction with respect to immigration. The government of Quebec is responsible for the selection of permanent workers who intend to settle in its province.


The selection criteria are based on the regional demand of professionals and immigration objectives.


After the selection process, the government of Canada is responsible for the admission of applicants who wish to settle in Quebec. The admission process is mainly focused on the medical and security checks of the applicants.


The selection process under the Quebec Skilled Workers programme is based on the following factors:  

  • Area of training (maximum 16 points)

  • Education level (maximum 14 points)

  • Work experience (maximum 8 points)

  • Age (maximum 16 points)

  • French language proficiency (maximum 16 points)

  • English language proficiency (maximum 6 points)

  • Stay and family in Quebec (maximum 8 points)

  • Characteristics of the accompanying spouse, if applicable (maximum 17 points)

  • Validated offer of employment (maximum 10 points)

  • Children (maximum 8 points)

  • Financial self-sufficiency (maximum 1 points)


Following an official application submission under this programme, the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) of Quebec will conduct a preliminary assessment of the application. At the second stage, some applicants may be invited to attend an interview, and some may not. The applicants without a spouse or de facto spouse and the applicants with a spouse or de facto spouse will need 49 and 57 points, respectively, to pass.


After the interview, the successful applicants will be issued a CSQ (Selection Certificate of Quebec) and can submit their final immigration application to the Government of Canada (CIC) for health and background checks. Some applicants may also receive their CSQ in post with no need to attend an interview.


To assess your eligibility under this programme please click here.

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